TOGAF® is a Mind-set

TOGAF® is a Mind-set

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is codified common sense. It is a collection of best practices which enables the business. Architecture development method (ADM) is unique to TOGAF. It is the only framework which boasts of having a method to do the architecture. This implies that all that we have to do as a learner is to learn the method and start our journey of Enterprise Architecture. EA is not a one off project rather it is a journey.

A framework is not architecture but it provides the boundary of thinking which is right for articulating a solution to a problem which is world class. Thus we should have an aspirational vision to see a great future which can be shaped by principles of TOGAF. Capability based planning focusses on business outcome. It emphasizes the business to look for value of an effort. So the Architect has to inculcate the acumen to have a sharp eye on value generation of every activity that will be performed in the process being designed.

Thus we see that TOGAF creates a mind-set of looking at result of our efforts and whether it will be in line of desired business goal.

Our Enterprise Architecture specialists engage in strategic projects to decide future of the business. This is achieved in a collaborative process.

We conduct public classroom batches in major cities of India like New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. We have online batches running every month which you can see at

Our world class trainer listens to every participant to understand their perspective and expectation from the course. And in 4 days explains each concept in detail. We conduct case studies to unravel hidden complex concepts of the Framework.