TOGAF® is a Business Enabler

TOGAF® is a Business Enabler

Imagine you have purchased 300 square meter residential plot with your hard earned money. To make the house of your dreams you will ask an architect to create the plan of the house. The architect will inspect the location and consider owner’s preferences and create a design having plan and elevation. The architect would not have been able to create the design without owner’s input of preferences regarding living style and space utilization.

The preference of the owner is the vision.

Same concept applies to the business. Business owner has vision about how business will be in near and distant future. Since organizations have many stakeholders, it is not possible to put ideas into implementation in silos. The teams need to discuss and agree to a way of working to achieve the stated goals. We use various tools and techniques to collaborate multiple stakeholders. This practice of organizing all parties together and head towards the target goal is called Enterprise Architecture. TOGAF is the framework which tells how to start organizing the teams from TOP to Bottom of the hierarchy.

Our Team at EATLLC specializes in helping our customers visualize their Target business opportunities and work methodically to realize the goal. This we do by following process:

There are 3 main modules namely:

Discovery Phase:

In this phase our Enterprise Architect gets to know the Senior Management, their aspirations and desire to achieve new goals, technical constraints and legislative guidance to fulfil their business need.

Foundation Phase:

Once go ahead has been received from the top management, we prepare the customer team with standard TOGAF and EA Too training.

Actual Delivery phase:

Here our EA works with business and IT stakeholders to deliver a short Enterprise Architecture project with all its features. Customer becomes confident that this high value process works and they may take up next big changes.

Total elapsed time is 31 work days hence it is called EA in a month.

Since it is modular the end user need to spend only on module which are engaged for.

Advantages of this approach to the Organization:

It gives freedom to learn the practice without engaging a full time EA. Participants may ask questions to an expert during “EA in a month” engagement and take an informed decision to establish EA practice.

Feel free to contact us for a discussion on next change that you are planning.