Implementation Oriented TOGAF Online Virtual Classes

Our live virtual TOGAF ® course is very popular among IT professionals. This is because our training promises that participant will be fully ready to implement an Enterprise Architecture project after completion of the course. We ensure this by adopting belowphilosophy and methodology.

My son one day was explaining to me about kilowatt. During discussion we wanted to find out the amount of electricity bill I have to pay for running ceiling fan. This dot connection has not been given in text books. I pay 8 INR for 1 unit of electricity in my apartment. So he googled and found out that the ceiling fan consumes 75 wat in an hour. This translates to 13 hours of fan usage to consume 1 Unit of electricity for which I pay 8 INR.

We follow the same elaboration to understand process and technical details in implementing vast and complex details of TOGAF. E.g. We simplify "Conceptual Structure" of Architecture Governance by demonstrating Business Process Modelling Notation 2.0 (BPMN 2.0) in SparX EA Tool.

We demonstrate Diagram Driven Architecture using ARCHI Tool. You can see the video at

We systematically elaborate Vendor implementation of Architectural diagrams in High end EA Tools. We cover 32 Architectural diagrams spread across four architecture domains of

Business Architecture
Data Architecture
Application Architecture and
Technology Architecture

We demonstrate diagram driven Gap Analysis, Work Package Creation and Architecture Roadmap creation.

Above approach gives a very clear understanding of the subject matter to the candidates. Besides high end course delivery we provide accredited study kit in an organized manner which help candidates prepare for certification examination. The folder structure is so intuitive that candidate does not have to put in any effort to remember location of specific study material.

Above are the reasons that our passing percentage is 97%. One will have to work very hard to fail in certification exam after joining our affordable Virtual classes.

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